Atlanta Black Crackers Lab Camp

Nestled in the Historic Bush Mountain community of SW Atlanta lies the Atlanta Black Crackers field. Before we had the Braves at Turner Field, Atlanta had the Black Crackers who played at the field during the height of the National Negro League and deep segregation in the south.

The league was in continuous operation from 1920 through the 1940s and held the position as black baseball’s only operating major circuit for the 1931 season. Despite the difficult economic challenges posed to the entire nation by the Depression, the Atlanta Black Crackers weathered the storm and steadily built what was to become one of the largest and most successful black-owned enterprises in America. The existence and success of the Atlanta Black Crackers and the National Negro League stands as a testament to the determination and resolve of Black America to forge ahead in the face of racial segregation and social disadvantage.

As part of KYGA, Grow Where You Are is interested to create an outdoor laboratory to explore the revitalizing influence of a living growing space and observatory at the field. Our goal is to renovate the under-utilized 2 acre site into a community center that will honor the legacy of the Atlanta Black Crackers. For more information, and to find our how YOU can get involved, check out out our video below and visit our indiegogo campaign.


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